Finding time to learn or to improve your Spanish is not always simple. Learning Spanish by Skype will make it easy and fun to improve your speaking skills with a native-Spanish teacher. Our online Spanish lessons are the fastest and most effective way to improve your Spanish language skills. Our lessons are available to everyone, regardless of level. Whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or an advanced speaker, you will find activities suited to your level.

Online Spanish lessons consists of five proficiency levels, hundreds of language topics, and integrates all of the language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and sub-skills (vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation). Do you need more practice in speaking and writing?
No problem, we can customize your lessons to give you exactly what you need.

The duration of the lessons will depend on your study goal, speed of learning, self-study time, amount of lessons/week and much more and will be discussed with your Spanish teacher during the free trial lesson.

Content of lessons:

- Talking about your vacations and travels
- Talking about family and friends,etc.
- Talk about your culture
- Write letter
- and much more

Rates per person:

27,50 Euro/Hour


Sebastian Velez
- Professional native tutor with extensive experience with the Spanish lessons to a variety of students from many different countries.

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How can I pay: 

We accept PayPal and Neteller.

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